Gavin Newsom’s Comments About Migrants Arriving In Democratic Cities Are Backfiring

Like many Democrats, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is seething over illegal immigrants being rerouted from border states into left-wing sanctuary cities.

Newsom claimed this is immoral and even called for the Justice Department to investigate Florida and Texas for having these migrants transferred over. Later, Newsom picked a fight with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) by demanding DeSantis to debate him.

Yet, as Newsom vocalizes his outrage, he’s not talking about a very similar program that he oversaw during his time as San Francisco’s mayor.

Then-Mayor Newsom started the program called Homeward Bound. As it turns out, Homeward Bound allowed homeless people to get free bus rides to other communities.

An Inconvenient Reminder For Newsom
Newsom’s outrage towards Republican governors not wanting their communities to be overrun is deeply hypocritical, due to his previous defenses of Homeward Bound.

When Newsom led San Francisco, he described Homeward Bound as an avenue to help folks “turn their lives around.”

The then-mayor even said homeless people in San Francisco had relatives or loved ones in other cities who could help them out. Homeward Bound was just the means of providing the necessary transportation.

This program saw the overwhelming majority of homeless people getting transported outside of California, rather than just outside of San Francisco.

Naturally, Newsom is not eager to talk about this today, as it undercuts the anger he’s directing towards GOP governors in Florida and Texas.

Zero Accountability
As Newsom escalates his attack against Republicans, especially DeSantis, he’s taking a lot of heat on social media and not just because of Homeward Bound.

Americans have suggested that Newsom should be less worried about Republican governors and more focused on his own state.

To this day, California remains overrun with homelessness, growing crime, high taxes, and unaffordable costs of living. The state’s electric grid also isn’t doing so well.

As Newsom continues to attack Republican governors, people are leaving states like his and moving to states like Florida. California’s population decline was so swift that it lost a seat in the House of Representatives after the 2020 Census.

All things considered, Newsom has bigger fish to fry than how GOP governors are choosing to protect their communities.