Garland Still Refuses to Enforce Clear Federal Law

The contemptible non-reaction by the left to the attempted assassination of a sitting Supreme Court justice is drawing more pressure from critics. Add in the Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland’s abject refusal to enforce federal law, and the optics get even worse.

Where are all the shrieking cries of our institutions being under attack? The MSNBC talking heads would explode had the target been a left-wing jurist, but Kavanaugh?

Former Attorney General Bill Barr finds the excuse of support for the 1st Amendment a “non-answer.” He said the law, which is crystal clear, is part of the government’s handling of protests that have always had restrictions.

Garland, being the nation’s top lawyer, is well aware of the unambiguous wording of 18 U.S.C. 1507. Under the Obstruction of Justice heading, it says specifically that anyone trying to influence a judge, juror, witness, or court officer in or near their residence faces one year of imprisonment.

You cannot picket or parade near “such building or residence.” Of course, we’ve seen many examples of the left protesting loudly and within earshot of juries in recent controversial cases. But that’s ok; they were just “peacefully protesting.”

The federal government has no hesitation these days to bring charges against anyone involved in the Jan. 6 riot, no matter their level of involvement.

Even when a man flew in from California with a gun, knife, and zip ties with the expressed intent to assassinate a sitting Supreme Court justice, it’s just one guy, right?

CNN, displaying its usual level of journalistic integrity and consistency, said that Republican legislators and governors called for enforcement of the “1950 federal law.” Remember, this is the same network that hammers their belief that Roe v. Wade — circa 1973 — is “settled law.”

We are now plowing through June, and any day now the Supreme Court will hand down its ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. If the unprecedented draft leak is any indication, abortion decisions will go back to individual states.

So, will it be open season on Supreme Court justice’s homes? Will AG Garland find it within himself to uphold “settled law” or will peaceful neighborhoods find themselves trampled under by shrill protestors looking for vengeance.