Funds Sent to Mexico By The US Show No Results On Crime

The United States has sent over $3 billion to Mexico since 2008. These funds were to help reduce drug trafficking and criminal activity. The results show that little change has occurred.

The issues in Mexico with drug trafficking and criminal activity have crossed the United States borders for years. The United States began reaching out in 2008 to help reduce the issues Mexico was facing.

Since 2008, the funds have risen to $3 billion. But there are still increasing issues in Mexico. The cartels are powerful and drug trafficking is still on the rise.

In a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the lack of results was mentioned. The report stated, “The U.S. government cannot demonstrate that it is achieving its goals in Mexico and that its investments, at over $3 billion since 2008, have been spent effectively.”

One important issue with these results is that the drug cartels are moving across the border with every migrant crossing the southern border states. The migrant crisis is bringing the drugs with them and it is evident.

Fentanyl is one of the more dangerous drugs on the streets. It can kill quickly and, in some cases, instantly. A small amount of the drug can kill a large amount of people.

The drug is seeping onto the streets of the United States quickly and through the border, cartels, and migrants. This increase in the dangerous drug movement has many people questioning why funds are still being sent.

With the ongoing entrance of Fentynal into the United States there is also an increase in the number of deaths.

The drug and cartel-related deaths linked back to Mexico are one of the reasons former President Trump called for a closure of the borders. By closing the borders the issue of drugs and cartels in the United States can be significantly reduced.

The money being sent to Mexico is not helping. Many actually believe it is fueling the issues that are seeping into the United States daily.