French Report: 70% Of Violent Crime Committed By Migrants

A shocking report from the French Ministry of Interior’s statistics bureau detailed the detrimental effects the migrant invasion of Europe is having on the country. Nearly 70% of violent crimes in the Paris area last year on public transport were perpetrated by non-French foreigners.

When further broken down, the number showed that African migrants by themselves committed 52% of these crimes despite being only 3% of the population.

That number for the entire country is a startling 42%.

Remix News reported that even in 2020, the number of violent crimes on public transport by foreigners was almost identical at 69%.

Like much of Europe, France is awash with migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. And the European Union appears more than willing to allow the deluge to continue unabated.

Statistics showed that 70% of all violent robberies in Paris last year were committed by foreigners from outside the EU. That compares to 48% of these crimes being committed by those from non-EU countries just a year before.

Another 8% of these attacks were carried out by non-French EU nationals and 6% by European nationals not from the EU.

Meanwhile, 38% of violent crimes in Paris were committed by foreign nationals originating in the Maghreb region. This includes the North African countries of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.

Feminist group Collectif Nemesis spotlighted testimony from French women who reported being harassed and attacked by migrants. A 20-year-old identified as Lea said it is always the foreigners “who follow, whistle at, and insult me.”

She recalled being accosted by one who asked if she wanted drugs before questioning if they could spend the night together.

This man along with other individuals followed her to the subway and harassed her until she was able to break free.

Leading French newspaper Le Figaro conducted a poll earlier this year that showed three out of four French citizens believe there are too many migrants in the country.

Sadly, the nation took in a record number of foreigners last year under President Emmanuel Macron. And with the EU’s unwillingness to confront the crisis, the future promises more of the same for the fed-up French people.