FreedomWorks Preparing Poll Workers For Election Integrity Efforts

FreedomWorks is a conservative political advocacy group that spends time and energy in 2021 on ongoing efforts to promote and protect election security and integrity.

As part of its Election Integrity Initiative, the organization brought about 70 people from around the country into its Washington headquarters last week, the attendees participated in lectures and panel discussions designed to provide them election integrity strategies.

FreedomWorks said the initiative is intended to restore confidence in elections by “advocating for state-level election integrity legislation” and training conservative activists on best practices and preparation for service as election officers and poll watchers.

Attendees were advised to study their local election laws and rules to call out procedural infractions or illegal activity. The group’s director of communications, Peter Vicenzi, told the Daily Caller that the purpose was to teach citizens to become adequately involved in the election process and not to “relitigate 2020.”

Some attendees did emphasize President Trump’s claims of massive election fraud in 2020, including duplicate votes and votes cast by ineligible or deceased voters. One discussion was led by Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend, who was active in auditing last year’s Arizona election. Another panel leader called election integrity the “civil rights issue of our time.”

Hans Von Spakovksy, a Senior Legal Fellow of the Heritage Foundation, gave a lecture about opposing the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the People Act. He told attendees about strategies to resist the passage of the proposed laws, which he said were “insulting to the people of every state.”  

  1. Christian Adams of the Public Interest Legal Foundation discussed Supreme Court cases and other legal authorities governing redistricting and gerrymandering. By understanding the rules applicable to this year’s redistricting in several states, he expected attendees would become better equipped to challenge improper district mapping.

Merissa Hamilton, a FreedomWorks ambassador from Arizona, said that while everyone in attendance would “love to abolish early voting,” the focus must be on “reducing harm.”

Attendees were invited to sign a pledge in favor of specific voting rights issues, such as opposing a “federal takeover” of election systems across the country and ensuring that voter records are correctly maintained following the law.