Former White House Doctor Says Biden “Not Fit” To Act

This week, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), who served as White House doctor during the George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump Administrations, said that Joe Biden is “not fit” to act as America’s President during the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war crisis unfolding in Europe.

Jackson was elected for the first time to Congress in 2020 to represent the 13th congressional district of Texas in the northern part of the state. He told Fox News on Wednesday that Biden’s deteriorating mental condition affects America’s international image as war tensions increase.

Jackson said that the entire country has been watching his “mental cognitive issues on display” for more than a year since assuming office, and there is “really no question” among most people that he is “not cognitively the same” as he used to be. He added that the whole world is currently watching him each time he speaks, which is “part of the problem here.”

Jackson added that Biden looks “tired, weak, and confused” and is “incoherent,” sending the entire world a “message of weakness” that America’s enemies can seize upon. He calls on Biden to undergo cognitive testing that should be made available to the American public, as his “gaffes” and “missteps” have recently increased in intensity and frequency.

He said of Biden that the country has “40 years of tape” compared to his current condition and capabilities. Jackson added that Biden’s current behavior is not just “gaffes” now, but “something much more serious.”

Deputy White House press secretary Andrew Bates dismissed Jackson’s comments about the President’s health as “nothing but politics.” He said he did not care about Jackson’s “look at my routine.” Bates said if reporters had any mail from “Nick Riviera, don’t be a stranger.” Bates was referring to the Simpsons character “Dr. Nick Rivera,” described in the show as a “quack doctor with shady credentials.”

Even though the White House is cracking jokes about Biden’s health and mental condition, the rest of the world is understandably concerned as Europe attempts to bring Russian aggression under control.