Former Teacher Warns of Public Education “Grooming” Kids

Tony Kinnett is a former public school teacher who is now warning Americans that the perfect word for the education of our children now taking place is “grooming.”

Kinnett wrote an opinion piece earlier this month for the Daily Caller after he was placed on administrative leave and later fired for exposing the way critical race theory is being taught in schools nationwide.

He said that “grooming” is an accurate way to describe the ideological manipulation occuring on racial and sexual topics. The key he discusses is the isolation of children from their parents in order to replace the relationship with one involving “hyper-activist teachers and counselors.”

Kinnett gave the examples of “collective shaming” and “counseling workshops” that require children to endure mandatory lectures on “the virtue of the latest progressive talking points.”

Upon being isolated from their parents, students are pressured to join “alliance groups” in order to demonstrate the virtue of breaking from their parents’ points-of-view. The alliances are based on the “protection” of racial and sexual “identies.” Students are thereby led to explore gender identities, sexual desires, and racial stereotypes in ways they are steered toward by educators.

Kinnett says that his experience shows that teachers are instructed to treat many traditional American values as characteristics of “white supremacy.” Traits such as dedication, punctuality, individualism, taking personal responsibility, and valuing nuclear families are all discouraged by the system.

Kinnett argues that the process has been occurring for decades since the federalization of public education through funding and standards implemented by the Department of Education. He warned that teachers and administrators are now more commonly deemed as “gatekeepers” that hide medical issues, sexual activity, and general childhood concerns from parents.

As an example, he cited the “changing closets” becoming more prevalent in schools where children can crossdress at school without their parents’ knowledge.

Kinnett pointed out that “grooming” can be much more broad than sexual or pedophilic training, and argues that the ongoing progressive approach to education fits the “operational and passive definitions” of the term. He said that no matter what term is used to describe the process, the “wedge being driven between students and parents is insidious.”