Former J6 Prosecutor Arrested After Road Rage Stabbing Incident

A former prosecutor who was the initial prosecuting attorney against “Lectern Guy” Adam Johnson has been arrested following a road rage incident that led to one person being stabbed. Patrick Douglas Scruggs, who now works for a private law firm after leaving the U.S Attorney’s Office earlier this year, was arrested in Tampa Bay, Florida for the stabbing which took place on a busy motorway in broad daylight. The incident was captured on camera by passers-by.

Tampa Bay Police report that Scruggs was charged with aggravated assault and battery along with armed burglary. Scruggs posted a $65,000 bond and is currently free while awaiting trial. The events surrounding the road rage stabbing are still not entirely clear.

According to multiple reports, the incident began when a couple stopped to check on what appeared to be a stranded driver slumped over the wheel of his car. The couple were unable to get the driver’s attention and intended to break a window to assist the man. Before that happened, the driver regained consciousness and rapidly accelerated, striking the sedan driven by the couple. The driver then placed the car into reverse, backing into a car driven by Scruggs.

At that point, it appears that Scruggs left his vehicle and approached the driver of the vehicle that had caused two crashes. It is not clear whether words were exchanged, but photographs from the scene show Scruggs standing outside a vehicle with a pocket knife in his hand while the driver pleads for mercy. Witnesses described the man as being “covered in blood.”

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries. Police have yet to release any information about the victim except that he is 35 years old.

During the prosecution of Johnson, Scruggs recommended to the sentencing judge that Johnson deserved harsh punishment for his charges on January 6. Among the restrictions placed on Johnson is mandatory drug testing, a nightly curfew, and the requirement that he surrender his passport. All of Scuggs’s requests were met by the sentencing judge, who also ordered Johnson into jail for 75 days followed by one year of supervision. Johnson did not cause any damage or participate in any violence on January 6. He was photographed carrying then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s lectern, which led to his nickname.

After news of Scruggs’ arrest broke, Johnson took to X, pointing out his non-violent crime and strict sentence, while wondering aloud if Scruggs will get treated the same. If convicted, Scruggs could face 15 years in prison on the aggravated battery charge, an additional five years for aggravated assault, and a minimum of three years for armed robbery.