Florida Fisherman Survives Shark Attack In Bahamas

Marlin Wakeman, a 24-year-old fisherman from Florida, narrowly escaped a shark attack after falling into the water at the Flying Fish Marina in Long Island, Bahamas on April 26. Wakeman suffered bites from two Caribbean Reef Sharks one on his knee and another on his shoulder.

According to Wakeman, the area is known for its dense shark population due to fishermen dumping fish carcasses into the water. He and his friends had previously discussed the dangers of falling into the shark-infested waters.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Wakeman managed to pull himself back into the boat with the help of adrenaline. His captain quickly applied a tourniquet and elevated his leg before transporting him to a nearby clinic for treatment.

Wakeman admitted that the initial bites felt more like punches and the pain only set in later when his wounds were being treated. He eventually blacked out from the pain while being transported in a van to the clinic.

The fisherman acknowledged the risks associated with his profession and the importance of being prepared for such incidents.

Wakeman’s survival story serves as a reminder of the dangers that lurk beneath the surface in certain waters.