FBI Seized Trump Passports Without Authority As Fake News Gives Cover

The corporate media disputed President Donald Trump’s claim that the FBI seized his passports during the unprecedented raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence last week for as long as it could. Although it turned out that a confidential Justice Department (DOJ) source had burned a reporter when it was revealed the passports had been seized, no retractions have yet been made.

Reports also indicate that the DOJ acknowledges that FBI agents acted outside the authority provided by the search warrant being executed.

On Monday, President Trump accused FBI agents of seizing his passports during the raid on his residence last week. He posted a statement that agents took three passports, one of them expired, during the “assault on a political opponent at a level never seen before in our Country.” He added for emphasis, “Third World!”

Later in the day, CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell issued a report stating that the FBI is not in fact in possession of any of Trump’s passports. She cited anonymous sources inside the DOJ.

Shortly thereafter, Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich posted an email that had been sent by DOJ official Jay Bratt to Trump’s attorneys earlier on Monday. That email confirmed that the FBI had seized the passports and still had custody of them.

The email from Bratt confirmed that the FBI intended to return the passports and any other items not listed in the search warrant. CBS News had not retracted the false report as of Tuesday morning.

Additional reporting on Monday indicates that the DOJ now believes that the FBI acted outside the authority granted by the search warrant.

Just The News editor-in-chief John Solomon appeared on Fox News’s “Hannity” Monday evening and said that his outlet has confirmed that DOJ officials have said there was an “over-collection” of evidence at Mar-a-Lago.

Solomon cited a DOJ source who said that “occasionally a warrant collection can grab things” that are not covered by a search warrant.

Solomon told Hannity that two independent sources inside the DOJ had confirmed that the seizure of documents at the Trump home also captured some “likely privileged materials” that will “have to be segregated and returned to the president.”

Solomon said that the documents mentioned could likely be covered by executive or attorney-client privileges. He added that he had spoken with several FBI staffers who told him that the warrant was “already remarkably broad” and covered “anything that looked like a presidential record.”

He said the fact that passports and possibly obviously privileged documents were collected “raises concerns among career FBI officials.”

It was also confirmed Monday evening that Trump’s attorneys had retaken possession of the former president’s passports from the FBI.