FBI Email Shows Some Agents Sympathized With Jan. 6 Rioters

A recently released email indicates that a “sizable” portion of field agents did not believe that the Jan. 6 riot was worse than the 2020 race riots.

The government released the email as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request. The email, sent in January 2021, is written by an unnamed FBI official apparently disturbed by the views of field agents.

“There’s no good way to say it, so I’ll just be direct; from my first-hand and second-hand information from conversations since January 6th there is, at best, a sizable percentage of the employee population that fell sympathetic to the group that stormed the Capitol, and said it was no different than the BLM protests of last summer,” the official wrote. “I literally had to explain to an agent from a ‘blue state’ office the difference between opportunists burning & looting during protests that stemmed [from] legitimate grievance to police brutality vs. an insurgent mob whose purpose was to prevent the execution of democratic processes at the behest of a sitting president.”

“One is a smattering of criminals, the other is an organized group of domestic terrorists,” the official added.

The official then referred to specific examples of discussions with field offices concerning sympathy toward the Capitol rioters.

“An analyst in [a] ‘purple state’ described watching horrified as the events were unfolding on the news, while several co-workers chalked up the insurgency as a ‘response to everyone being quarantined at home for months’ and more ‘on edge, because so many lost their jobs and lack steady income because of COVID.’”

In response to the release of the FBI email, critics point out that it should not be the agency’s job to act as a political arm of the White House and convince all of their agents to believe in the same liberal ideologies as the Biden administration.