FBI Could Face ‘Potential Restructuring’ Under GOP Congress

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Features,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) asserted that the FBI could be facing “potential restructuring” if Republicans regain control of Congress following Tuesday’s midterm elections.

As part of the GOP’s goal of depoliticizing the FBI, some restructuring of the agency may be necessary, the Utah senator argued.

“Most FBI agents are still good and decent and not politically motivated. At headquarters, we’ve got problems, and we got problems that I think are going to demand a legislative response and possible restructuring,” Lee said.

The Republican senator went on to assert that Congress must hold “a series of hearings and actually demand answers” from officials within the FBI regarding various issues that whistleblowers have spoken out about over the past few years — adding that “we’ve got questions that have remained unanswered for years.”

Lee then cited several examples of actions taken by the FBI which were blatantly political — including the raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, and a Department of Justice memorandum directing the FBI’s counterterrorism bureau to track alleged threats against school boards, which reportedly caused the agency to label parents as domestic terrorists, according to whistleblowers.

“From the abuse of section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, to unanswered questions about the raid on Mar-a-Lago, to unanswered questions regarding why the Attorney General of the United States saw fit to issue a letter — a memorandum — essentially accusing moms and dads concerned about what their kids are being taught in public schools of being domestic terrorists of some sort,” Lee said.

“We’re going to get questions in those hearings. Once we have answered those questions, we move to the next phase,” he added, pointing out that this phase could be the potential restructuring of the FBI.

Lee is currently running for reelection against Evan McMullin, an independent candidate who is supported by the Utah Democratic Party.

“I’m feeling very good about the race. We are guardedly optimistic, taking nothing for granted. And I do agree with you, there’s going to be a red wave election and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to get back to doing things the way they’re supposed to be done,” Lee said regarding the race.