Fauci Now ‘Distinguished’ Professor At Georgetown University

Dr. Anthony Fauci did not stay unemployed for long. President Joe Biden’s former chief medical advisor retired late last year after 50 years with the federal government, and he has now resurfaced at Georgetown University.

The man who, for better or for worse, was the face of the White House response to COVID-19 will serve as a “distinguished university professor.”

He will work in Georgetown’s infectious disease division with the university’s medical school as well as hold an appointment in the institution’s school of public policy. He called the decision a “no-brainer.”

Fauci married his wife in the university chapel, and she is a Georgetown graduate.

In a statement released by the school, Fauci expressed his delight “to join the Georgetown family, an institution steeped in clinical and academic excellence with an emphasis on the Jesuit tradition of public service.”

University President called Fauci a “dedicated public servant” and said the institution is “deeply honored” to have him among their faculty. He added that Fauci “embodied the Jesuit value of being in service to others throughout his career.”

That opinion of the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is clearly not shared by all. Many conservatives and civil libertarians accused the doctor of grossly misleading the public on the effectiveness of masks.

He also shouldered much blame for sweeping lockdowns of schools that had unquestionably negative consequences on the country’s children. However, when asked if the nation paid too high a price in dealing with COVID, Fauci dodged taking responsibility.

In fact, the doctor said that he supported keeping schools open and refused to use the term “mistake.” He would only admit that there should have been a realization that there would be “collateral consequences.”

Not everyone is willing to let the now-retired federal official off the hook so easily. He and former President Donald Trump sparred on several occasions during his tenure in the White House, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis demanded that he be “held accountable.”

On the campaign trail, DeSantis told an Iowa crowd that “they said it was natural — we know it came from that lab.”