Father And Son In Tennessee Hit $1M Jackpot With Scratch-Off Ticket

A Tennessee father and son duo have won nearly $1 million on a $20 scratch-off ticket from the Kentucky Lottery. The ticket, part of the $1 million Casino Nights game, was purchased on June 8 at a gas station in Adairville, Kentucky.

Jody, who chose not to disclose his last name, claimed the prize for his father, who scratched the ticket at the Adairville Market, about 12 miles from Springfield, Tennessee.

Excited by their luck, Jody’s father expressed that he would never eat bologna again. The winning symbols were revealed early, leading to their unexpected windfall.

After learning of their win, the father rushed to tell Jody, and they made plans to visit the Kentucky Lottery Headquarters in Louisville to claim their prize. They decided on a lump sum payment of $700,000, receiving $504,000 after taxes.

Even with the life-changing win, Jody’s father continued his routine, including mowing the lawn while waiting for the weekend to pass before cashing in the ticket.

Their plans for the prize money include paying off all their debts and investing the rest. The gas station where the winning ticket was purchased will receive a $7,000 bonus for selling the ticket.