Failed Leftist Economist Paul Krugman Predictably ‘Fawns Over’ Biden’s New Vaccine Mandate

Paul Krugman has become a caricature of pitiful economic predictions over the years while somehow maintaining his position of stature among what passes for the intellectual community on the left. You may remember his 1998 prediction that by around 2005, the impact of the internet on the global economy would be “no greater than the fax machine.”

It should come as no surprise that he loves the new vaccine mandate on private employers President Joe Biden announced on Thursday.

Following Biden’s speech, Krugman tweeted that “Today, Joe Biden became president.” He added that while he doesn’t know how the media will cover it, Biden “surpassed expectations” by being bold.

Krugman laughably said that the corporate media might “take the side of the irresponsible minority.” That alone would qualify his reaction as a classic Krugman howler, but he wasn’t done.

On Friday, Krugman was back at it, calling the unconstitutional mandate “terrific” policy and is literally “what the doctor ordered.” He then went on a surprising rant against President Obama to boost his gushing take on Biden’s mandate. He said that Obama allowed his “economy to be sabotaged” by Republicans by imposing fiscal austerity over Obama’s “passive” acceptance.

Of course, Krugman played amateur psychiatrist by saying that Republicans were making “false claims that they were worried about debt” as if he had any idea what the collective Republican Party sincerely feels about America’s staggering national debt.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Krugman now fantasizes about an imaginary “passive” Obama, but it is classic Krugman entertainment. In reality, we all remember that Obama brazenly bypassed Congress and the entire Republican Party to implement his healthcare plan, the Paris Climate Agreement, and the Iran nuclear deal as examples.

Now Krugman says that Republicans are “all set to blame Biden for Covid’s persistence.” Biden is all set to do a pretty good job of that all by himself.