Fact-Checkers Refuse To Call Out White House Press Secretary

Americans are consistently told that fact-checkers are non-partisan, unbiased, and simply designed to ensure everyone gets an accurate account of what’s happening in the country.

However, with the rise of “misinformation” accusations being weaponized against various individuals, this calls fact-checking into question.

Many claims that were previously fact-checked as “misinformation” (such as assertions that COVID-19 vaccines don’t stop virus transmission or infection) were later proven to be accurate.

To make matters even worse, fact-checkers are not as objective as some would like to believe. This has been proven by the lack of fact-checking being done of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Too Good For Fact-Checking?
Since taking on the job of White House press secretary, Jean-Pierre has made a mountain of statements that simply are not accurate.

Some of the most recent examples include Jean-Pierre saying the Biden administration created “one hundred million” jobs, in addition to her alleging that no one is just walking across the southern border.

In spite of this, not once has the press secretary been fact-checked by The Associated Press, FactCheck.org, Reuters, or most other prominent, established outlets that are known for differentiating facts from lies.

Some people have argued that fact-checkers aren’t responsible for correcting presidential spokespersons, but rather tend to focus their efforts on lawmakers. However, this is not true.

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was regularly fact-checked. The same also goes for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, another former press secretary who worked for the Trump administration.

Even former Biden press secretary Jen Psaki was fact-checked on a few occasions. Why Jean-Pierre isn’t being given the same treatment is a mystery that Americans deserve answers for.

Ill-equipped For the Job
Jean-Pierre’s outright lies have played a huge role in many Americans claiming she’s simply not fit for the job. Critics also point out the White House press secretary’s tendency to refer to her binder of notes when tough questions are asked.

By fact-checkers not doing their jobs and calling out Jean-Pierre’s lies, it increases the likelihood of more Americans actually believing what she’s saying.

The mischaracterizations and inaccuracies from the current press secretary continue to pile up by the day. Jean-Pierre is doing so poorly that Americans are now pointing out that even Psaki wasn’t this bad.