Every Alabama Sorority Rejects Transgender Woman

Biological male Grant Sikes was rejected by every University of Alabama sorority, of which there are nearly 20, during the student recruitment process. Sikes took to social media to record her journey as a transgender female trying to gain entrance into a Tuscaloosa chapter.

The trans madness has at least taken a pause at one school. These female organizations largely realize that biological males are exactly that, and it is not discrimination to have a male- or female-only group. Especially when it involves living quarters.

The trans woman wrote on Instagram that “the recruitment journey is over for me.” She said that she had been dropped by all chapters but two before the process started.

Sikes said she wants a future “where everyone is welcomed for just being themselves — everywhere.” On TikTok, she said she was unhappy because she wanted to be part of a “sisterhood.”

She generated millions of views on TikTok while chronicling her experiences at Alabama Rush Week. Users of the social media platform dubbed her “the main character of Bama Rush.”

Sikes said that in her initial recruitment papers she paid tribute to her grandmother who passed away this year with Alzheimers and said she would be proud.

Sororities and Greek life in general have long been criticized for their exclusivity, though many have pledged in recent years to be more open in recruiting new members. Racial lines have long disappeared in many, but the gender of a sorority is still sacred to most.

One national sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, released specific guidelines on trans and non-binary recruitment, and others reportedly have done the same. This is not, it appears, a trend that is gathering momentum.

None on that list are present at the University of Alabama.

Gone are the days when tolerance and equality are the standards to be strived for. They are replaced by demands for acceptance, celebration, and equity. Lines are clearly being drawn, however, and there must be gender-exclusive areas that do not pander to people playing dress up.