Establishment Dem Nightmare: Bernie Leads in Nevada, and is Ahead in Two Largest Super Tuesday States

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The Bernie Sanders juggernaut may begin to start rolling in earnest as Sanders is holding on to a 7-point lead among likely Nevada caucus-goers with just eight days to go.

Sanders also leads in the two biggest states that will vote in the March 3 gaggle of primaries: Texas and California.

The next three weeks could tell the tale of the entire nominating process for Democrats. As Sanders appears more and more the inevitable nominee, the bandwagon will grow. Establishment Democrats, like Republicans in 2016 trying to stop Trump, will mount an “Anybody but Bernie” campaign. And they will fail just as miserably.

Bloomberg will likely win a few primaries, but the math is daunting — as Sanders found out against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Even a lopsided win by Bloomberg or some other candidate will garner only a few more delegates than Sanders if he finishes second. And it appears that Sanders will be able to build a lead of several hundred delegates after Super Tuesday, making challengers unlikely to overtake him.

Sanders has the enthusiasm, as he is showing in Nevada.

Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders leads the presidential field by a solid margin among likely Democratic caucus-goers heading into Nevada’s four-day early voting period, but all six of the candidates actively campaigning in the state this week earned double-digit support according to The Nevada Poll™.

The telephone poll, conducted by WPA Intelligence on behalf of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and AARP Nevada, contacted 413 likely caucus attendees from Tuesday through Thursday.

Sanders led the pack with 25 percent of respondents expressing support, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden (18 percent) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts (13 percent).

Businessman Tom Steyer (11 percent), former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (10 percent) and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (10 percent) were clustered close behind.

Meanwhile, Vox reports on two recent polls that show why the “Never Bernie” crowd has already missed the bus.

A new University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll shows a Sanders surge, with the Vermont senator increasing his support by 12 points since last fall, up to 24 percent and ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden at 22 percent. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is in third place at 15 percent in the poll, which was taken January 31 to February 9 and has a margin of error of 4 percent. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gets 10 percent. Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota are in single digits.

Earlier this week, a Capitol Weekly poll of California taken February 6 to 9 gave Sanders a healthy 13-point lead over Warren, well beyond the margin of error, with 29 percent of the vote. Biden, Buttigieg, and Bloomberg were clustered below 15 percent in the poll.

It’s become more apparent that only a Sanders collapse will prevent his nomination. He probably won’t win South Carolina. He doesn’t have to. Even a third-place finish would give him momentum going into Super Tuesday.

Trump’s fondest hope and the Democrats’ most horrible nightmare could very well come true.

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28 thoughts on “Establishment Dem Nightmare: Bernie Leads in Nevada, and is Ahead in Two Largest Super Tuesday States

  1. Burnie may be in the lead, but will never ever get more than 50% of the votes to get the delegates needed to get the nomination. So it will be a brokered convention.

    Burnie will NEVER win at a Brokered Convention.

    1. People who vote for Bernie Sanders, a communist, must obviously be communist,too! So, therefore, their citizenship must be revoked and immediately evicted from the United States for their
      anti American activities!!

  2. Sad state of affairs when it turns out folks like Bernie best of the lot. Personally, I’d find that humiliating. This is a nightmare! Bottom of the barrel is what a once fine Democratic Party has come to. I weep for them.

    1. I agree wow! He’s trying to do what’s right from a distorted viewpoint. At least he left the people
      Of Vermont’s gun rights alone

  3. I felt like Obama would never be able to win in 2008 – who in their right mind would vote for an open socialist who’s primary qualification was community organizer…
    Praying that God helps and protects the USA from evil socialism and communism.

  4. You never know what the Demon Rats will do to rig an election. It already happened in Iowa. And if Michael Bloomberg starts getting delegates and picks HRC as his running mate he will be a dead man walking if he ever won the WH.

  5. I find it real difficult to imagine Sanders getting so many votes. Between his age, extreme hold of socialism/communism, demeaner, racism (not many know that – not African Americans but wait until you find out WHO). Apparently all the people in his camp believe every single phrase the ultra liberal press throws out. Such a shame that people don’t REALLY discover what is actually the truth…Bernie talks big but with all his years in Congress, he has “accomplished” VERY little…He even voted NOT to help the auto indistry when we were looking at its demise. As quoted by Politico by some in his party: “In his 16 years in the House, he was generally dismissed as being off on his own and irrelevant to the Democratic conference…”!

  6. Following Sanders rise is a waste of time. America voting for President a Man who is a Communist, Pro murderous Castro, Pro murderous Che Guevera, such a man is literally not going to survive. He has already had one heart attack and is too old. But more so Sanders is running a communist platform in a Nation which has a Declaration of Independence designed to empower we the people to remove by force anyone such as him.
    This is why leftist non-citizen Obama tried to cleverly do what Bernie overtly wants, and failed – the Constitution doesn’t allow for them to succeed more than “Close but no cigar”.

  7. Hopefully, the Democratic ticket will be so repugnant to the average voter that the Trump and GOP landslide will resemble the 1972 and 1984 elections. Most importantly, the GOP should gain at least two or more seats in the Senate and retake control of the House. The Democratic party is just not the same as is was when one’s parents and grandparents were members. It’s a totally Marxist party now.

  8. commie Bernie in the lead for the democrats is hilarious considering no real american out there that will be voting will vote for socialism. and the democrats know it and they also know president trump will make it well known should he get the nomination which is doubtful so what do they do?? it’s the democrats people they will do what they think is right even if it’s unfair and wrong it’s who they have become. so maybe it will be big gulp dooms berg who saying he wants crooked Hillary to be his running mate a hoot in itself. guess we will find out but we already know what ever clown they pick he will be facing our hero president trump that will be more than ready and I can’t wait.

  9. The dems have painted themselves into a corner and the only way to get out is to make a mess. After the way they have acted over the last three years I couldn’t be happier.

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