Eric Swalwell Gets Bad News After Reporter Drops One Word To Tucker

According to a Breitbart editor, Eric Swalwell, the beloved camel riding maskless intelligence disaster is compromised.

Swalwell cooped up with a Chinese spy who helped him campaign and got elected, yet he remains on the intelligence committee, taking lavish vacations and holding America’s most private information. Swalwell has continued to retain trust in the government, and nobody is surprised.

The Democrat party has consistently compromised information to other countries, including Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal, which is yet to be investigated.

Carlson said, “Matt Boyle, our Washington political editor for Breitbart News, broke what are pretty explosive details about not just Swalwell’s sex life but the way our House intelligence committee is actually compromised.”

Swalwell and Fang Fang’s relationship was undoubtedly intimate, but she has since gone back to China.

But is anyone surprised? The Democratic party has paraded around largely untouched during the election and pretends that they are innocent. They incentivize citizens to shut them up and keep quiet about the inexcusable position they put the country in and blame Republicans every chance they get.

Swalwell and anyone like him should be expelled from their position and criminally charged when these things happen because if that were the average citizen, they’d be in prison.

Nancy Pelosi is quiet on the subject, as we all expected. She prances around like she can do nothing wrong but even breaks all of her rules. She recently said that anyone who refuses to wear a mask in a barbershop enforces mask mandates on the House floor.

These issues can be resolved with a simple vote, and soon the American people will speak. The 2022 midterm elections are right around the corner, and America needs relief from the corruption put forth by the Democratic party.

Freedom is at stake, and the further progress of this country will land on the heads of the Democratic party for not holding their people accountable.