‘Enough With The Masks’ Declares Sen. Rand Paul

If you’ve ever heard Rand Paul (R-Ky) and Dr. Anthony Fauci speak on Covid-19 issues, you’ve probably had a couple of laughs. Paul is an active adversary to Fauci and has pushed back on numerous occasions on the Senate floor. Paul heavily went back on Fauci when he recommended that people who got the Covid-19 vaccine continue wearing masks. Paul is right to push back on Fauci, who could not show any scientific data to support his claim. Come to think of it, Fauci rarely has scientific data to support any of his claims. Then again, there are the emails we could reference.

Paul said that it is theater to wear a mask when natural immunity, vaccination, or both are present. If the data shows that the vaccine was effective, then why would a cover be necessary? If a mask is still required, why would people get the vaccine? See where this is going?

Paul said he would introduce legislation to repeal the mask mandate on airplanes on Monday when the Senate returns. It’s shocking what has taken place by airlines worldwide when it comes to wearing a mask. Just last December, a family has kicked off a United Airlines flight because their 2-year-old continued to take off the act she was forced to wear. Of the over 606,000 deaths the CDC has related to Covid-19, 331 involved individuals from ages 0-17.

The question remains, why have flights continued to make their passengers “mask up?” Medical exceptions are available with proper medical documentation. Ian Smith, owner of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, NJ, is not a stranger to the medical exception process. Throughout the last year and a half, Smith has been vocal about shutdowns and mask mandates and obtained a medical exception through a doctor. Smith documented the extensive process that airports and airport staff will go through to ensure accurate documentation on his Instagram page. Smith noted “Medical discrimination” as a possible motive for the airport going through this lengthy process. But it doesn’t seem that all airlines are the same. While a flight to one location will yield positive results and fair treatment, the trip back may prove more discriminatory. Paul is undoubtedly on the right track to regulate the treatment of all passengers.

When mask mandates were lifted in most states, it has become acceptable to eat out at restaurants, shop at grocery stores, and go to bars without a face covering. In almost all public outings, people are closer than 6 feet and interacting with one another. The option is still available to wear a face-covering if you wish, but the requirement is gone. If it is acceptable at this point to assemble in tight spaces, then what’s the holdup for loosened restrictions on airplanes? Scientifically there is no difference between going to the grocery store or boarding a flight. The chance of infection is virtually the same. The only possible scenario that makes sense is more control from the Democratic Party and, more specifically, from Dr. Fauci.