Energy Secretary Under Fire For Comments on Gas Prices

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm continues to make the news, as of late. During a recent congressional hearing, Granholm was asked about whether or not the Line 5 pipeline in Michigan makes positive contributions to the state’s economy.

The energy secretary said she wasn’t going to respond to the question. Meanwhile, the Line 5 pipeline actually does help the Michigan economy, power industry, and more. Although, this isn’t stopping Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) from suing to dismantle the pipeline.

Granholm’s time in left-wing politics is extensive. Several years ago, she, too, was actually the governor of Michigan.

Since becoming the energy secretary, Granholm hasn’t been doing the image of the Biden administration any favors. This is especially true as it pertains to gas prices, as documented by Twitchy.

The Latest From Granholm on Gas Prices

Time and time again, the Biden administration remains in denial about gas prices and the role its officials have played in these prices being so high. Democrats genuinely see this as the chance to make the Green New Deal the law of the land.

Meanwhile, in pursuing this agenda, administration officials remain deeply disconnected from the American public. Granholm once again proved this point.

During a Senate hearing days ago, the energy secretary was questioned about the last price she paid for gas when filling up her vehicle. Granholm responded that the vehicle she drives is an electric one. For some odd reason, many people who were partaking in the hearing found this to be funny.

The “Electric Vehicle” Argument

This most recent Senate hearing is not the first time that Granholm or other members of the Biden administration have argued that electric vehicles are the solution to high gas prices.

What White House officials aren’t mentioning, though, is the reality that electric vehicles are considerably more expensive than vehicles requiring gas.

Many people simply can’t afford to switch over to electric vehicles; that’s especially true for folks who are barely scraping by with the current prices of gas.

Secondly, the construction of electric vehicles requires the very same oil industry that the Biden administration continues to rally against. Widespread electric vehicle usage would likewise increase America’s dependency on China; this is the last move the country wants to make, all things considered.

At this point, Biden officials who continue to paint electric vehicles as the end all, be all answers to high gas prices are just being willfully obtuse. This White House needs to walk back the policies that led to these price increases in the first place.

This is the one and only solution that will bring about long-lasting results.