Ending Biden’s Eviction Moratorium Hasn’t Produced Crisis Predicted By The Left

Democrats and the corporate media have shown throughout the Biden administration that they are just getting warmed up on shifting public attention from one “crisis” requiring expansive government action to another at blazing speed. When the Supreme Court ruled against Joe Biden’s attempt to create a federal ban on residential evictions without involving Congress, leftists predicted an immediate national homeless crisis.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) was the media face of the bleak predictions as she protested by camping out on the steps of the Capitol surrounded by staffers and boxes of cookies. She asked how the House could be on vacation when “millions of people” could “start to be evicted tonight?” She claimed that there were people who had “received pay or vacation notices” that would have them evicted “tomorrow.”

Now, a month later, there is no indication of a national eviction crisis. The justification of the original eviction moratorium was the threat of a spike in transmission because people would be forced to live in closer quarters. That factual scenario has likewise failed to pass as far as the media has told us.

This week, the Washington Post reported that “housing and eviction experts” had some guesses as to why the “expected onslaught of evictions” has not happened. Some “experts” predicted that the crisis was still coming, and others said that some tenants may have moved to avoid being evicted.

Experts invested in the Democratic narrative are usually likely to overlook the realities of the legal system and already existing protections for renters in distress. The lifting of the moratorium did not mean that landlords around the country could start throwing people out of their homes instantly. Every state has legal procedures that apply to evictions and typically involve adequate notice to a court hearing. 

Congress has also previously authorized COVID relief funding of almost $50 billion in rental assistance. While every state may not have yet sought distribution of those funds, they are in place. 

As is often the case, Democrats have to pivot quickly from one “crisis” to the next to keep the media engaged and fundraising moving forward.