Elon Musk To Visit Southern Border Since Biden Won’t

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is doing what the elected president of the United States should be — going to the besieged Mexican border to see the chaos for himself. Despite White House claims to the contrary, the border is anything but secure.

August saw a new record set on the southern border with over 230,000 illegal migrant encounters. This followed a summer lull as the administration’s shell game of flying migrants into the nation’s interior got into full swing.

For Musk, the crisis demanded a personal look and the attention his visit would draw.

The owner of X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, blasted the mainstream media for ignoring the deluge. He expressed his belief last week that journalists were instructed not to turn attention to the massive invasion.

Musk posted that he talked to Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) about the issue. “They are being overwhelmed by unprecedented numbers — just hit an all-time high and still growing!”

He then added that he is “going to visit Eagles Pass later this week to see what’s going on for myself.” This border town has been overrun by thousands of illegal immigrants pouring unchecked into the country.

There were over 4,000 illegal migrant encounters in Eagles Pass alone last weekend. And Fox News reported that sources within Customs and Border Protection said that a recent day reached 11,000, the highest total in recent times.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO noted that roughly two million people from every nation on the planet are entering the U.S. illegally through the southern border each year. “The number is rising rapidly, yet no preventive action is taken by the current administration,” Musk said.

The August record numbers may pale in comparison to what September’s tally ends up as. Images from Eagles Pass show a steady stream of thousands of mostly Venezuelan adult males crossing the border. Military-age adult males.

Local authorities are closing bridges and shifting resources to the area, but the White House is missing in action.

All the administration has done is roll back effective Trump-era policies while permitting even more illegal migrants onto U.S. soil. It is also shifting the release of migrants to the nation’s interior and away from the spotlight at the porous southern border.