Elon Musk Claims Soros ‘Hates Humanity’

In a recent chat on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared some strong words about George Soros, a well-known funder and advocate for destructive leftist causes across the world.

Musk suggested that Soros “fundamentally hates humanity,” asserting that he uses his wealth to shape society in harmful ways — for instance, by funding the election of district attorneys who choose not to prosecute crimes.

Musk linked Soros’ activities to increased violence and drug problems in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, pointing out that Soros’ strategy of influencing the officials who enforce the laws can be as impactful as changing the laws themselves.

During the conversation, Musk identified Soros as the Democratic Party’s top funder — followed by Sam Bankman-Fried.

Musk, who also runs social media platform X, previously called Twitter, discussed his motivations for purchasing the social media giant, saying he aimed to tackle the “woke mind virus” and its negative impacts on society.

Musk called Soros “a bit senile,” suggesting that Soros’s age might be why he handed the reins of his Open Society Foundation and his significant wealth over to his son, Alex. The younger Soros, at 37, is set to continue his father’s legacy with plans to loosen restrictions on abortion and pass legislation on elections under the guise of “voting rights,” along with the continued financial and political support for lawless district attorneys.

Musk concluded his thoughts by evaluating the influence of political contributions in American politics, telling Rogan that investing in presidential or congressional races might not offer much return to donors, but putting money into local district attorney races could yield significant influence for a much lower cost.

Soros has been widely criticized by conservatives for his funding of organizations in many nations, pushing lawlessness and the breakdown of nation-states. His “philanthropic” work has been tied to the migrant crises in the U.S. and in Europe, along with a host of leftist changes in cities across the nation.