Elizabeth Warren Lashes Out At Republicans

As the midterm elections come to a close, Democrats are now saying anything to scare Americans out of voting for Republicans.

Democrats want to distract from their own poor track records on crime, foreign policy, immigration, and the economy. They want Americans to forget about all the problems that have emerged under a House and Senate controlled by Democrats at the same time as the White House.

This explains why Joe Biden and other leaders of the Democrat Party continue to allege that democracy is finished if Republicans win. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is one of the latest Democrats to unload baseless accusations against the GOP.

Reviewing Warren’s Latest Attacks on Republicans
During a conversation with the far-left group known as MoveOn, Warren wrote off everyone in the GOP as insurrectionists. The congresswoman also claimed that anyone who runs as a Republican candidate or takes money from the GOP is dishonest and dangerous to democracy.

Of course, none of Warren’s claims were given any sort of serious pushback from the mainstream media. This fits a pattern, however.

Throughout the midterm election season, Democrats like Warren have been consistently arguing the only way to preserve democracy is to vote blue.

Media pundits have yet to seriously ask Democrats to explain why they believe this. They also have yet to press Democrats on the basis for these sorts of comments.

Left-wing Election Deniers
Warren’s comments about Republicans were not mutually exclusive to those shared with MoveOn.

Using her social media feeds, the Massachusetts Democrat has been lobbying new attacks against Republicans as well. Just this week, Warren parroted talking points that accuse GOP members of being election deniers who therefore threaten democracy.

While making this indictment, Warren failed to mention well-known left-wing election deniers, such as Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton.

Both Abrams and Clinton have not only denied elections but also attacked Republicans without merit when they believed doing so would help Democrats.

On Tuesday, Americans will go to the polls and determine which party they deem to be suited to lead this country. If the polls of current elections are any indication, the GOP is well on track to taking back not just the House of Representatives, but also the Senate.