Elementary Parents Protest Pride Event: ‘Keep Your Kids Home’

Parents nationwide are fed up with efforts to groom and program their children into the clutches of radical gender ideology. Now a group in California — of all places — is rising up against their local grade school.

Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood has a school assembly planned for June 2 to celebrate LGBT Pride month.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) announced that the assembly will be held for kids from fifth grade all the way down to kindergarten. According to parents, a video to be shown explains how some children have two mommies or two daddies.

Angry parents set up an Instagram account titled “Saticoy Elementary Parents.” On Monday, they posted that a group “who share conservative values” and disagree that this subject matter is appropriate for young children are opposing this woke event.

Inviting others to join their cause, they wrote, “Attention: PROTEST IS ON JUNE 2nd! We need help! We need signs! We need everyone to come!”

The social media site implores parents to “keep your kids at home on June 2.” It explained that parents have the right to introduce such topics to their children at a time and in a way they find appropriate.

Instead, they note that their small children are having subjects forced onto them “that should not burden our children for many years to come.”

Supporters explained that the school district’s egregious actions led to upset parents. Many have contacted LAUSD officials and informed them that they are protesting by not having their children in attendance that day.

At the assembly, teachers are expected to read a book to students by Mary Hoffman titled “The Great Big Book of Families.” The progressive writing indoctrinates small children about diversity and “all kinds of families.”

LAUSD said that parents may keep their children from attending the assembly, but many are electing to withhold their young ones from attending school and protesting instead.

The district responded to the protest by issuing a statement reaffirming its commitment to embrace “the diversity of the communities we serve.” It added that “our schools regularly discuss the diversity of families that we serve and the importance of inclusion.”

Interestingly, the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a reported break-in and vandalism at Saticoy Elementary School over the weekend. A school system spokesperson said it is being probed as a “hate-motivated incident.”

That’s much faster than any such conclusions were made after six people were killed at a Nashville Christian elementary school in what was obviously a hate crime.