Economists Criticize Biden’s Wasteful Spending

“More Money, More problems” is not the quote of the Biden administration.

Gas hikes, tax hikes, used car prices skyrocketing, illegal immigration crisis, unemployment, stimulus checks, and infrastructure. Did that cover all the spending Biden has done? No!

With gender studies in Pakistan going well? Americans can expect to pay that back in the coming future as inflation is heading to a dangerous level.

Minimum wage and employment concerns are expected to tank small businesses if they can get anyone to work. With unemployment payments continuing toward the end of the year for most states, you have to ask yourself, why?

Biden promised to “Build Back Better,” not build back more flawed. The extra money going into American bank accounts is appreciated, but the overseas spending is troubling when $25 million was sent to Pakistan for gender studies and many other useless endeavors. Maybe Pakistan should work on its civil rights before worrying about gender studies. Pakistan’s constitution recognizes equality between men and women, but it also recognizes Sharia law, which doesn’t recognize women’s rights.

Biden bragged about his tax plan, which would raise taxes for Americans and add millions of jobs, but what Biden doesn’t seem to understand is that if taxes are astronomically raised, it doesn’t matter if you make $500,000 a year, more is taken from you in the end. Where is the incentive to work? Job creation doesn’t mean job fulfillment. When unemployment checks are in unlimited supply, working Americans pay for them to be given out. People are getting tired of working, so others don’t have to. It’s not fair. The risk versus reward structure of business ownership is going to be adversely affected. Biden even claimed to have a plan for America to buy more American products. How can you buy American if you people aren’t even working?

Biden bragged about a $0.16 decrease in hotdogs for the 4th of July celebrations to further deepen the cut in America’s throat. Is this a crazy town? Gas is $1 more per gallon as an average, not as a standard. Though it’s common for gas prices to go up in the summer, ransomware and the Keystone XL Pipeline ban will undoubtedly affect the ongoing uptick in gas prices that are already rising.

Americans are hungry. Americans are out of hope. Americans need a leader that is for them, not for other countries and illegal immigrants. Those things are essential, but it is even more important to prioritize responsibility. If America were viewed as a country right now, Americans would quit, and Biden would respond, “Don’t let the door hit you in the back on the way out.”

There is a powerful quote for a song by The Avett Brothers. The song is called Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise. The song seems to talk about individuals thinking for themselves and following their dreams and paths. The most impactful part of the song says, “When nothing is owed or deserved or expected, and your life doesn’t change by the man that’s elected.”

That’s how American politics should work. Not to say that your life shouldn’t get better by an elected official, but this country is rooted in progress and the betterment of the individual.

In Biden’s administration, changes are happening that Americans aren’t going to vote to change. Inflation, cognitive decline, and immigration mistakes highlight his term in the White House, and nothing can be done to reverse it.