Donald Trump Jr. Questions Biden Administration’s Counterterrorism Strike Claim

The Biden White House announced that it had taken out two ISIS-K terrorists with a targeted drone strike over the weekend. In a written statement, CENTCOM said that the military executed a counterterrorism operation against terrorist planners, killing the targets and harming no civilians.

Although the kill was reported with certainty, no names of the targets were released, and no specific details of the operation were disclosed. Several commentators had asked why the target was not eliminated before the suicide bomb attack of August 26 since the counterstrike was initiated so quickly.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a post on Sunday asking the questions overlooked by the administration press releases.

He asked if anyone else feels like “we’re being catfished?” “Catfishing” on the internet is generally defined as fraudulently using social media for financial gain or to dupe a victim with a seemingly plausible story.

Trump continued by saying that the “same people” who claimed to be surprised when the Taliban toppled the Afghan government and military and failed to properly plan the U.S. withdrawal “knew exactly where to find” the two people who were targeted.

He also said he would venture the targets “weren’t high” profile if the strike “even happened.”

The low level of trust that ordinary Americans have in the Biden administration and upper-echelon Pentagon leaders has only been made worse by the misdirections and false statements that have been made since the Afghanistan withdrawal turned into a crisis.

As yet another example, consider the contrast between Biden’s promise that American forces would remain until every American was evacuated and the reality of the closing of all operations at the Kabul airport. Americans are left only to compare the value of the promise made to citizens with the promise made to the Taliban.

Whether the corporate media ever bothers to do its job and investigate the truthfulness of the carefully crafted press releases handed down by the administration, the public is becoming more aware every day that healthy skepticism should be applied to every promise and official statement.