Disney is Still Suffering the Fallout of Creepy New Business Model

There was a time when Disney was a family-friendly network. It told stories and fairytales that touched the hearts of adults and children alike.

During this time, parents had no problem with buying Disney stories for their kids or even purchasing the various dolls and other Disney-themed toys.

Unfortunately, in recent times, Disney has taken a turn for the worst. This became abundantly apparent earlier in the year when the company viciously attacked Florida for passing the Parental Rights in Education law.

Despite claims to the contrary from leftists, Parental Rights in Education are only about ensuring that kids in classes kindergarten through third grade aren’t exposed to gender theories or other inappropriate lessons for small kids.

Disney, however, chose to brand this law as hateful and even went after parents in Florida who supported the law. Now, the company’s shares have fallen to a record low.

A Major Decline in Disney’s Shares
This past Friday, Disney’s shares managed to close out at a dismal $99.40. This is remarkably low, seeing as the company’s shares haven’t fallen below $100 in over two years.

One factor that’s believed to play a role in this is the firing of Peter Rice. Until recently, Rice was set to follow in the footsteps of Disney CEO Bob Chapek. However, that all changed after Chapek terminated Rice from the company altogether.

Under Chapek’s leadership, Disney hasn’t been doing so well. Aside from lashing out against Florida, the company’s also committing to incorporating LGBTQ+ agendas into at least 50% of its content.

This news didn’t go over so well with the parents who Disney relies upon to remain in business. As it turns out, many parents don’t want LGBTQ+ agendas being forced onto their kids.

Back in April, Disney was advised by one of its shareholders, Ray Keating, to knock off its political activism. Keating said Disney would be better served by recentering its focus on heartwarming stories, but it may be too late for the once-loved company.

Disney is already on record vowing to work to get the Parental Rights in Education law overturned in Florida. Needless to say, the company’s shares may continue to tank, all things considered.

The Moral of the Story
Before Disney got into politics and began left-wing political posturing, the company was doing fine. Its shares were well above where they stand today and Disney was able to self-govern in Florida.

It’s very safe to say that Disney’s political grandstanding alienated many of its customers and altogether backfired. Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson to other companies that may have been considering a similar course of action.