Disney is Lying to Kids About Biology

The Disney Company has not been doing very well as of late.

After the company attacked Florida’s education law designed to protect young kids, its shares dropped dramatically. Disney also wound up losing special privileges that it enjoyed in Florida.

Shareholders of the company cautioned Disney against wading into the waters of heated political and social issues. Yet, Disney has chosen to ignore and discard these warnings.

After pushing various woke agendas, countless parents across America confirmed they’ll no longer give Disney their business.

Unfortunately, the once-loved company has still continued forward with its uber-woke agenda, this time lying to young kids about biology and gender.

A Terrible Message From Disney
Baymax, a Disney show on its streaming service, has been largely criticized for the false narrative it peddles to kids in a coming episode.

Put simply, one of the characters in the show tells a child that biological males are capable of getting periods, just like biological females. Of course, this is demonstrably false.

Despite how individuals may choose to “identify,” biological males do not have the organs that facilitate menstruation. To tell children otherwise is simply wrong, a reality that conservatives are pointing out in real-time.

Nevertheless, this latest reveal from Baymax comes after Disney executives previously stated their intentions to include wokeness in at least half of their programs going forward.

Strong Support From Leftists
While conservatives are sounding the alarm about spreading false narratives on gender and biology to young kids, leftists appear all for it.

Many left-wing social media users weighed in on Baymax, saying that it’s silly for conservatives to be upset about it. Likewise, leftists maintain that transgender men are capable of getting menstrual periods.

This latest stunt from Disney comes amid Democrats throwing their support behind drag queens being exposed to children in schools and libraries.

It wasn’t too long ago that New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said children should be exposed to drag queens for expression and inclusivity purposes.

Disney’s Baymax has only further confirmed many worries that there’s an agenda to groom and ultimately exploit children.