‘Disgrace’: Mike Pence Rips Biden’s Disastrous Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Former Vice-President Mike Pence has finally spoken up about the Afghanistan debacle, and like all others, he has only Biden to blame. In a new op-ed published in Wall Street Journal, Pence called the situation of Afghanistan a massive foreign policy humiliation the likes of which our country has not faced in a long time since the Iran hostage situation of the 1970s.

Following Biden’s ill-planned military withdrawal from Afghanistan, the US citizens left behind are facing massive uncertainty about their fate as the Taliban roam Kabul’s streets. Pence wrote about the desperate attempts of Afghan citizens clinging to the US military planes in hopes of leaving the country. At the same time, the Taliban occupy billions of dollars worth of military equipment, including aircraft, rifles, vehicles, and artillery. Commenting on this situation, Pence said that Biden’s policy has led the country towards humiliation on a global front and has even led the allies to question the compatibility of the President.

Pence explained the whole Afghanistan situation and how Biden messed up. An agreement was reached between the Taliban and the US in February 2020. Taliban would end all attacks on US military troops, refuse all sorts of alliance to terrorist groups, and negotiate with Afghan leaders to form a government. Following the agreement, the US planned to withdraw the US troops as long as the Taliban fulfilled the deal. The outcome was positive at the time, and the region had more stability than ever, followed by zero casualties of the US military. The forces withdrew gradually, leaving only 2,500 troops in Afghanistan, the lowest number of their presence since 2001. The war was coming to a dignified end as the Taliban’s understood the consequences of violating the agreement and trusted Trump to keep his end of the bargain.

Pence further explained that what went wrong was Biden’s delayed withdrawal of the remaining troops from Afghanistan and without a clear plan to carry it out, leaving behind the billion dollars worth of American equipment and citizens. The Taliban’s launched an offensive attack in response to Biden’s delayed response, breaking the deal and underestimating the Taliban’s power. As a result, the rising violence in Afghanistan is weakening Biden’s hold, and position in the Capitol as his acts disgraced the blood of the American soldiers that fought in Afghani lands against the terrorist that caused the 9/11 incident.