Devin Nunes Discusses Big Tech Censorship

TRUTH Social CEO Devin Nunes appeared on the Breitbart News Saturday radio show over the weekend and discussed the growth of the Trump-owned social platform and the tech issues facing the nation.

Nunes offered some sharp criticism of big tech censorship and the government’s involvement, saying that the American “republic cannot survive without an open internet.”

He began the discussion with host Matthew Boyle by addressing the ongoing controversy surrounding Elon Musk’s move to back out of his contract to buy out all of Twitter’s stock. He said that the decision was “no surprise” to him, as he said he never accepted the narrative that Musk would save Twitter’s business and end its censorship tactics.

Twitter’s stock price was trading Monday afternoon at under $33.00 per share, off from its high closing price this year of $51.70 on April 25. Musk’s contract offer was for $54.20 per share. Musk now claims that the Twitter board misled him about the number of “bot” accounts present on the platform, diminishing its market value as an advertising platform.

Nunes drew a contrast between Twitter and TRUTH Social. He argued that Twitter is the “global PR wire for celebrity types, sport people, corporations, political hacks, and weird reporters” while TRUTH Social is used by “everyday Americans.” He said that Facebook and TikTok are more important competitors to his company than Twitter is.

He said that unlike Twitter, TRUTH Social is working to be a social networking place that is totally open and where people can have fun in a family-friendly environment.

Nunes noted that the new company is nearing ten million users and described its growth as “phenomenal.” He added that steady growth is key to the company as it seeks to be “cancellation proof.” He cited the fate of Parler, which lost service completely after Amazon Web Services restricted their web access.

In order to maintain its own infrastructure free from the concern of cancellation by large tech hosts, Nunes said that the company is approaching growth in a “slow, methodical, brick by brick” process.

Nunes went on to say that he decided to leave Congress and join Trump’s team because he believes the country must have an open internet in order to survive. He hammered the radical left for their unrelenting efforts to censor the voices of conservative Americans on all major social media platforms.

He noted that Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom has recently joined TRUTH Social and said the platform eagerly welcomes him as a user. He did express concern that Newsom may have only joined in order to tempt the platform into banning him.