DeSantis Shreds Biden Over The Economy: He Couldn’t Do Worse

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis went after President Joe Biden’s failure to handle the economy and blamed political stunts for creating more havoc.

While at a rally in Wisconsin, the Republican governor brought up the government’s “massive spending,” which has led to skyrocketing inflation.

“We’re staring down the barrel of a lot of really significant turbulence thanks to Joe Biden,” DeSantis said. “You know, they’ve had the inflation, which has been a total disaster. They’re raising interest rates. They’re slowing down the economy. You know, you apply for a mortgage a year ago, what was it like, 2.6%, 2.5%? Now it’s like over 6%. That’s a massive increase. Very difficult for working people to be able to afford such a stiff increase.”

DeSantis told the Wisconsin crowd that their Republican gubernatorial candidate, Tim Michels, would be a great leader in combating economic hardships.

The governor also pointed out that to get things back on track, just do the opposite of what Biden has done.

“But I’ll tell you, my rule of thumb on budget and economy is just really study what Biden’s doing and then do the opposite,” he added.

Despite Americans facing a dismal economy, the president continues to blow through the budget by doing things such as giving billions to Ukraine and canceling student loan debt.

“So if you look what Biden has done, he comes into office, and what does he do? He goes on this massive spending and borrowing and printing spree, trillions and trillions of dollars,” DeSantis said. “And he was warned by people that worked for Obama and worked for Bill Clinton that if you do this, you are going to spark major inflation. And not only was he hell-bent on doing that, he also attacked American energy production. So you’re inflating the currency, and you’re cutting down on production. Of course, you’re going to get inflation. This was something that was very obvious and that’s had a devastating impact on people all across this country.”

DeSantis believes inflation and energy costs will only increase with Democrats’ inability to focus on controlling their radical spending.