DeSantis Rallies GOP Voters In Pennsylvania And Ohio

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hit the campaign trail on Friday to rally support for midterm election GOP candidates in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The firebrand governor brought his fight against “woke ideology” to Pittsburgh and Youngstown to unite primary voters in the battle.

During the downtown Pittsburgh rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, DeSantis told the crowd, “Stand your ground. Stand firm. Don’t back down. We can do this.” He specifically called on voters to push back against wokeism as he has been doing in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis said that Republicans around the nation cannot afford to “just stand idly by while woke ideology ravages every institution in our society.” He went on to say that the GOP must fight “woke in our schools, businesses, and government agencies.”

“The state of Florida is where woke goes to die,” he added.

DeSantis railed against the leftist progressive agenda of the Democratic Party and its drive to instill critical race theory and transgenderism throughout every American school and institution.

He went on to call out many in the Republican establishment for not fully supporting Mastriano. He demanded that all members of the party “get on board and support our governor candidate.” He said that GOP organizations in Pennsylvania “and throughout the country need to be invested in this race.”

After the stop in Pittsburgh, the governor was scheduled to attend a rally in Youngstown for Republican candidate for U.S. Senate J.D. Vance.

DeSantis’s travel around the country during this election cycle is adding to speculation that he is possibly considering a run at the White House in 2024. The intrigue of a possible GOP primary matchup between DeSantis and former President Donald Trump has rivaled or even overshadowed attention toward many of the key midterm battles that will determine control of Congress for the next two years.

DeSantis is running this year for a second term as Florida governor and President Trump has not yet formally announced his intentions for 2024.

DeSantis has reportedly raised more than $130 million in campaign funds, due in large part to his surging national popularity.

In addition to battling wokeism in the American culture war, DeSantis has achieved notoriety nationwide for stridently fighting back against federal COVID-19 policy overreach, mandates, and restrictions.