DeSantis Discusses His Effort To Stop Joe Biden From Secretly Dumping Illegal Immigrants Into Florida

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appeared on the Friday telecast of Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss the state’s policy toward stopping the Biden administration from secretly sending illegal immigrants into Florida.

DeSantis said that all reasonable measures are justified that prioritize Florida citizens above people willfully entering the country illegally. He said that the state’s new policies would make any person who facilitates bringing illegals into Florida without notice ineligible for contracts with the state and local governments.

They will also be held responsible for making restitution to the state for costs associated with all persons they dump illegally in Florida. DeSantis said that the expenses would include the cost of education, health care, and criminal justice-related to any person not legally present in the United States transported to Florida.

For example, DeSantis pointed out the case of an illegal transported into the state which murdered Jacksonville a few weeks ago. He said he was working to end what amounts to “an illegal human smuggling operation” conducted by the federal government.

The governor also said that the state would not issue licenses to non-profits or other institutions “actively helping Biden” to transport illegals into Florida secretly. He added that the state government would focus on helping the citizens of Florida, especially those who need help without being displaced by illegals from foreign countries.

DeSantis also announced earlier on Friday that Florida would strengthen its “sanctuary cities” law. He said that he expects to crack down on any local jurisdiction that willfully refuses to assist state law enforcement in investigating “whether somebody has been brought here illegally.” He said that the state would fortify its E-Verify procedures by bringing the state’s Department of Economic Opportunity online as another agency capable of conducting verification enforcement.

DeSantis said that all of the state’s initiatives are intended to stop incentivizing people to enter the state illegally. He added that it involves standing up to the federal government and that Florida is one of the states “they love to hate.”