DeSantis Announces Policy Ending State Licensing Of Childcare Providers Serving Illegals Funded By Biden Administration

As part of his ongoing response to the Biden administration policy of dumping illegal immigrants in his state without warning, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced a new policy regarding child care providers. The state will not issue or renew licenses for any agency that provides services to illegal aliens brought to Florida from out of state.

Last week, DeSantis held a press conference announcing the policy not allowing licensing of facilities that house unaccompanied minor aliens for resettlement inside Florida. The new policy was announced in response to the Biden administration paying providers between $500 and $1,400 per day to take care of children who have entered the country illegally and have no parent or guardian in place to provide care for them.

The new state rule follows an executive order issued by DeSantis in September intended to protect the state from the dangerous results of Biden’s border policies. The rule excludes resettlement of minors explicitly by the federal government as evidence of the need for a child care license.

According to DeSantis’s press secretary, Christina Pushaw, the Biden White House is incentivizing Florida facilities to care for illegal immigrant minors to the detriment of needy Florida children. She said the state could not match the exorbitant fees paid by the federal government and added that reimbursements from the state government are based on actual services provided. Florida has an average of $158 per day for each unaccompanied child served.

Pushaw went on to say that Florida children are harmed by the “unnecessary and unfair competition” presented by the federal government’s open standards and sizable payments. She added that pushing resources away from local service by secretly smuggling illegal alien children into the state and then pouring money towards their housing is detrimental to Florida’s citizens and legal residents.

At his press conference, DeSantis expressed disgust on behalf of Floridians at the secretive transportation of illegal immigrants into the state. He said that if illegals were being dumped into Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard, their borders “would be secure the next day.”

Last week DeSantis allocated $8 million of the state budget to fly migrants smuggled into Florida to Democrat stronghold locations, including Washington, D.C.