DeSantis Announces Job Growth In Florida Three Times The National Rate

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced Friday that the Sunshine State’s job growth rate is three times nationwide growth. Florida has seen 17 consecutive months of positive job growth.

DeSantis said the state added more than 84,000 new jobs in September at a “time of economic uncertainty” and despite “a lot of headwinds coming out of Washington.” He added that Florida’s total makes up a “big chunk of the national numbers.” He promised to continue promoting an economic setting for people and their families to “work and live and thrive.”

DeSantis faces continuing criticism from the corporate media and Democrats over his refusal to put vaccine and masking mandates in place in his state.

His office reported that of the 84,000 new jobs in September, 72,500 are in the private sector. That was an increase of 50,000 over the last month and shows a 5.4 percent increase throughout 2021. That compares very favorably to the national rate of 0.8 percent. 

Florida’s current unemployment rate is 4.9 percent. The state had added more than one million new jobs since near the beginning of the COVID pandemic in April 2020. 

DeSantis added that he is happy with the state’s continued employment momentum but said there is “much more to do.” He stated that there are “a lot of challenges” facing Florida from “the national level.” 

The U.S. Department of Labor recently announced that the entire country added 194,000 jobs in September. They described that number as representing a “sluggish” pace of job growth. The department had predicted the September number would be 500,000 and said that the “economy fell short again.”

Jobs Creators Network CEO Alfredo Ortiz hammered the Biden administration’s performance, blaming its “failed policies” for “wrecking” small businesses around the country. He said that even ending the “overly-generous unemployment benefits” failed to stimulate job growth. Ortiz said that high taxation, COVID mandates, and inflation spurred by record federal spending are all part of the “War on Small Business.”

Florida remains highly attractive as a relocation spot for businesses moving from states with unfavorable commercial environments.