DeSantis Announces Florida’s Stop WOKE Legislative Agenda

Florida continues to be the state best-known for striking back against radical Democratic progressivism during the Biden Administration. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis started work last week on building support for a new legislative agenda called the Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees (Stop WOKE) Act.

During a press conference to announce the Stop WOKE Act, he told the enthusiastic audience that “nobody wants this crap!” He said that the bureaucratic university drives the Democratic agenda, and corporate elites are trying to “shove it down the throats” of Americans.

The governor said that the act would defund K-12 Critical Race Theory (CRT) consultants and that no taxpayer funds would be used to teach Florida children to hate their country or each other.

DeSantis added in a statement that Florida is taking a stand against CRT’s “state-sanctioned racism.” He said that the act would also protect workers in the state from hostile work environments created by corporations forcing CRT training and “indoctrination.”

Lieutenant-Governor Jeanette Nuñez added that she supports the Stop WOKE Act, saying it will help students and employees fight against discrimination and CRT. She said that she was proud to stand with DeSantis for both Florida’s free state and the “woke-free state.”

The announcement included a statement from a mother of three Florida schoolchildren, Lacaysha Howell, who said that CRT is not what her biracial kids should be learning in school. She said she wants to keep her children in public school, but she wants to teach them the basics.

The Stop WOKE Act is designed to give parents the power to file lawsuits against school districts that fund or teach CRT. Higher learning institutions in the state will be prohibited from hiring CRT consultants. Anyone who successfully sues under the Stop WOKE Act will be entitled to recover their attorney’s fees incurred in bringing suit.