Democrats Who Voted For Joe Biden Endorse A ‘Failed President’ After One Year Of Disasters

America is suffering under the Democrat failed regime controlling the anti-President Joe Biden. This leftist coup is not focused on countering Russian hostility. If our government wanted to prevent the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, it would have released American energy creation and restored the Trump energy policy. But Democrats voted to remove Donald Trump and install a corrupt kleptocrat hellbent on tanking the economy and railroading us into a regional war.

The Biden-Harris maladministration continues to tout sanctions that will take months to have any effect on Russia. And because Putin restructured his alliances with China coupled with the Russian natural resources and finances, there may be little effect. This shortsighted energy policy is a failure of leadership at the highest level.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine was precipitated by the weakness and corruption of our national institutions. Putin knows that Biden is a sham President. Therefore, he has chosen to seize the opportunity to take over large portions of the territory surrounding his country. On Thursday, Biden finally implemented sanctions focusing on Russian monetary instruments and the financial industry.

Biden is an idiot. He thinks that the most impressive effects will occur when we quell Russian debt, funds, innovation, and economy for years to come. Putin laughed. These sanctions are executed with western partners meant to upset President Vladimir Putin. Only when his wealth, comfort, future, and legacy are threatened will he relent. Biden is not dealing with a 73-year-old version of himself.

Funding the Russian military will not be prevented by trade blocs. North Korea and China have demonstrated that a world-class lifestyle benefits the internal circle of communist dictators and the military at the expense of citizens. Russia continues to benefit from its worthwhile energy industry. If sanctions are not intended to interrupt energy sales from Russia to the world, what are we doing? Posturing and babbling.

Biden can take credit for other policies, but he cannot lead. Europe depends on Russian gas. Russia creates over 10% of oil supplies throughout the world. At $100 a barrel for oil and $5 a gallon for refined gasoline, we will suffer from the Democrat Party’s disastrous policies. Children are starving and dying because of Democrats.

Biden thinks that Americans are worried about global strife. But what we want is freedom, peace, and security. Pumping American oil and increasing gas creation was the energy-independent policy of Donald Trump. Biden’s Green energy policy is a train wreck, and the idiots who supported him, both tacitly in the GOP or explicitly in the DNC, are to blame. Biden signed papers shoved in his face. His first move in the White House was the suspension of new oil leases on government land because his buddies wanted to make money in electric vehicles and solar power farms like Solyndra. Who cares if that crushes the American middle class without controlling inflation?

The United States will import more oil than we export under Biden. We were net-exporters during Donald Trump’s presidency. Still, the American people were convinced that because of COVID-19 and mean tweets. Trump could not be trusted with the keys to the American economy. Now, instead of an American First policy, we have an American Last policy, no Keystone XL Pipeline, and destabilized markets across Europe as Russian troops march on Kyiv. But at least we do not have to put up with Trump’s bombastic bragging.

It is a sickness in the American population. Too many Americans are easily lied to. Too many accept the propaganda that politicians and media pundits push. That must stop now, or we will find ourselves on the brink of another Great Depression and World War very soon.