Democrats’ Narcissism Shown In Attacks On Ron Desantis On Cuba

Fidel Castro gained power in Cuba on January 1st, 1959. At that moment, Castro gave Cubans 2 months to register their guns. After registration, The Government went door-to-door and encouraged citizens to turn over their weapons. No good dictatorship is comfortable with its citizens owning firearms. The current Cuban dictator, Miguel Diaz-Chanel, isn’t much better.

On July 12th, 2021, Joe Biden said in a press conference that Cuban’s were demanding their human rights from an Authoritarian Government, saying, “The Cuban people are demanding their freedom from an Authoritarian Regime. I don’t think we’ve seen anything like this in a long, long time, quite frankly, ever.”

While this statement may seem encouraging to the Cuban people, Biden said this during a meeting on gun control. It’s easy for Biden to support a largely unarmed citizen uprising while offering the United States assistance. Assistance to who? The Cuban Government? The people of Cuba have been oppressed since Castro forcefully took office. It was restricting access to firearms and creating a government-run healthcare system that regularly failed its citizens. Cuba relied on medication from the United States, and frequently that has been denied due to embargos against Cuba. Of course, the left loves to champion such healthcare and steadily try to implement similar programs.

Ron Desantis has been eaten alive by the left because he supports Cuban protestors. In Miami-Dade County, protesters lined the streets and even blocked interstates to stand with the Cuban people, yet the media say the uprisings are due to Covid vaccines?

Over 3 million Cuban residents have been vaccinated, which is roughly 27% of their population. One protester says, “Havana is collapsing. We have no houses, we have nothing, but they have the money to build hotels, and they have us starving!”

In a poverty-stricken country like Cuba, the essential thing to citizens is a sustainable way of life. One, they aren’t being given by their government.

Here’s the problem with the left. When conditions worsen throughout the world, the narrative pushed may come in different forms, but it’s the same lie. More money will be sold the problem. Rarely does money ever sold any problem. Universal income won’t solve a problem, and universal healthcare won’t either. The authentic way to fix the problem is to give the people the ability to decide the future of their country.

While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shoves her Green New Deal down the throats of all Americans and politicians, many places in the world have no electricity or running water. Maybe that’s an issue we can focus on first. But the left has attacked Desantis because he has given Floridians fewer restrictions and more personal responsibility. He understands individual liberty. Desantis says, “They are rising against a corrupt communist regime that has dominated that island with an iron grip for more than 60 years, causing death and destruction.”

Florida protesters haven’t burned anything, they haven’t hurt anyone, and they aren’t looting stores. Yet, Twitter has had an explosion of support for Cubans protesting oppressive regimes, yet blasting Desantis for not allowing his state to be destroyed?

Rep. Omari Hardy said, “I support the Cuban people as they take to the streets & let their voices be heard. And also do everything they can’t do in Florida without it being labeled an “Aggravated riot” under Ron Desantis’s anti-protest law.” While Desantis’ bill makes blocking interstates a felony, many were arrested during the protest. So was there leniency shown to protesters? No.

The protests were anything but violent, though one highway patrolman was injured.

It’s easy to sip coffee and sit back and blame the United States for problems throughout the world, but a quick search on the internet would show conditions of a country that were anything but suitable. Americans don’t know the struggles of living under dictatorships. Though refugees from areas under strict control share their stories, the left pushes agendas that are so similar to the ones that landed places like Cuba in the position it stands today. Cubans are waving American flags as if they were their own. The citizens understand that freedom is possible when you come together and fight back for your right to freedom and liberty.