Democrats Holding On To Sliver Of Hope For Midterm Elections

As midterm elections approach, Democrats are still hoping to retain some control in Congress, but their chances are diminishing amidst lingering inflation and lackluster governance.

There are several battleground states where results are nowhere near certain, but polls show Republicans edging out Democrats in many key areas.

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans believe Republicans are better equipped than Democrats to deal with the pressing issues of our times, and at 48% to 37%, the margin is not close.

This poll sticks out because the margin has only been greater in one of the past 20 midterms elections during which this question was asked. During that election, 17% more of voters said they believed Republicans were better suited to handle the tough issues of the day than Democrats. Republicans gained a net of 55 more House seats in that election.

Democrats had seen a resurgence in the polls following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, but that issue has been overshadowed by lingering inflation.

In July, 8% of Americans voted that they thought abortion was the most important issue in the midterm elections, which was the highest percentage since Gallup started polling this question in 1984. Just months later, however, that figure has been cut in half, with a mere 4% of Americans saying abortion is the most important issue in the elections.

Rather than abortion, Americans appear to be focusing on inflation and the faltering economy. Both of these issues far outpaced abortion as the most important issues in the elections. Moreover, more than 10% of Americans trusted Republicans over Democrats to deal with the issues of inflation and the economy.

Crime also ranks as an important issue of the day for voters. While Google searches for abortion skyrocketed in May, June, and July, exceeding searches for crime, that statistic has now reversed, with crime searches outnumbering abortion searches by more than two-to-one.

Nonetheless, many Democratic candidates are doubling down on abortion as a key issue in swaying voters who are on the fence. Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) is one of several Democrats still leaning on abortion in her messaging.

“Today, the people of this district have never had a more distinct choice,” Craig said. “We are the party — and I am the member of Congress — who will be the wall to protect your reproductive rights, to protect your privacy, to protect your freedoms.”