Democrats Cite High Election Worker Turnover As Reason to Federalize Elections

Democrats are pushing to federalize elections during the upcoming presidential election. The democrats cite high election worker turnovers as the reason for the federalization.

During the 2020 Presidential election, several issues dealing with election workers came to light. One of those issues was the lack of workers due to high turnovers.

The high turnover rate for election workers stems from areas with more elevated stress. Regions that are battleground states see higher turnovers than more rural areas.

These high turnovers can also be due to the possibility of making mistakes in counting or using the machines. The machines and other aspects of the election worker process are taught in training sessions before the election season.

A research group, Issue One, released a recent report on high election worker turnover statistics. Issue One Founder and CEO Nick Penniman commented on what this high turnover means for the country.

“These turnover rates signify a crisis in our democracy. The health and vibrancy of election administrators are essential to ensuring free and fair elections in our country. Congress should heed the call of America’s election officials and deliver regular funding and stronger protections for election workers.”

The Democrats have a different view on the status of high election worker turnovers in America, especially during election years. Their view is a move to federalize the elections instead.

As early as 2019, the Republicans warned about the possibility of a democratic party move to federalize the elections. In a statement in 2019 by the Senate Republican Policy Committee, the key points of what this federalization would mean were released.

The key takeaway point of the Senate RPC statement was that if the country moved to a federalized election system, the federal government would control how state governments handled their elections and their ballot counting procedures.

Of the changes that would occur under the federalization of elections, two chilling issues are the end to registration deadlines and for states to abandon voter identification laws.

With no voter identification laws on a state level, the nation may see widespread ballot fraud. If there is no request to show legal identification, migrants could participate in elections and tilt the numbers in the Democratic candidates’ favor.

With the migrant surge flooding into major cities such as NYC, the probability of election fraud if the elections are federalized is a chilling prospect that could effect the outcome of elections in the future.