Democrats Aren’t Happy With North Carolina’s Voting Laws

After major problems in the 2020 presidential election, Republicans across the nation worked on election security legislation to prevent any repeat issues in the future.

Democrats immediately got to work, demonizing the GOP and claiming the party wants to keep minorities from voting. Without even reading election bills proposed in states like Georgia, Democrats wrote them off as voter suppression that must be defeated at all costs.

At the same time, Democrats have been making moves of their own to swing elections in their favor. Some examples of this include pushing leftist Get Out the Vote (GOTV) initiatives and working to pass federal congressional bills that would rob states of their right to control their own elections.

Now, in North Carolina, Democrats are setting their sights on dismantling the state’s voting rules.

Trouble in North Carolina
The North Carolina Supreme Court’s Democratic members are on a collision course of opening the state up to massive voter fraud. This is seen by these members uniformly voting in favor of updating North Carolina’s congressional maps in a way that works against Republicans.

On top of that, Democrats in the purple state are working to potentially take away North Carolina’s voter ID laws. The left has long been against voter ID requirements, deeming them as racist against minorities. Ironically, though, many anti-voter ID Democrats have been pro-vaccine passports.

North Carolina is just one of many examples. Democrats across the nation say voter ID, requirements for people wanting mail-in ballots to request them (rather than states just mailing them out unsolicited), and further election laws are suppressive and discriminatory.

As leftists throughout America try to rework voting laws to let non-citizens cast ballots and more, they’re claiming it’s all about “democracy.” In actuality, this is about Democrats trying to seize total and absolute power.

A Top Down Effort
As Democrats across the United States work to undo commonsense election security laws, they’ve got the support of the White House. It wasn’t too long ago that the Biden administration opted to sue Arizona over its election security rules.

In the meantime, Biden is also dispatching federal agencies to play a role in voter initiatives across the United States. As the president does this, the Department of Justice is refusing to release a memo that would explain exactly what the work of these agencies will entail.