Democrats Are Pulling Out a New Trick Ahead of the Midterms

When it comes to the midterm elections, Democrats have made their bed. This November, they’ll have to lie in it.

Despite holding in Congress and the White House, the Democrat Party has caused one problem after the next. These problems come as a result of poor policies and an unpopular president who is steadily coming apart at the seams.

Over the past few weeks, Democrats have been getting more vocal about their fears of losing the midterms. According to PJ Media, the Democrat Party is now hoping that dark money will bail them out from major election losses this year.

The Truth About Dark Money and Democrats

In the past, Democrats have railed about the horrors of funds that come from unknown donors. Yet, despite their talking points, leftists are not at all above dark money when they believe they can benefit from it.

This explains why organizations like Majority Forward have dumped millions of dollars into the campaigns for Democratic candidates. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have each publicly railed against dark money while accepting it behind the scenes to boost their campaigns.

Ironically, the dark money going into Democratic campaigns outweighs dark money heading to Republicans. This is another thing every American should keep in mind the next time Democrats claim to stand against dark money in politics.

The Greatest Asset For Republicans

There’s no denying that funding — dark money or otherwise — plays a role in elections. However, all the dark money in the world won’t make a difference if voters are overwhelmingly opposed to one party.

At the rate things are going, it’s looking like even dark money won’t be able to save left-wing candidates in November. For one thing, Democratic strategists themselves are already admitting their party’s chances are blown.

That’s not to mention the polls showing that more Americans would vote for Republicans over Democrats in the midterms. Then, there’s the polling that shows Republicans are more trusted than Democrats when it comes to education, crime, the economy, and other matters of importance.

Ultimately, Biden’s horrific approval ratings serve as the final nail in Democrats’ coffin. The president is facing bipartisan backlash on multiple issues, such as his plan to end Title 42 and his continuous inflation crisis.

At every turn, Biden has ignored the polls and ignored Americans’ concerns to focus on his own agendas. The end results of this have been skyrocketing inflation, out of control gas prices, and a host of other issues.

Dark money can only take the Democrats so far. It will not get them across the finish line in November.