Democratic Rep. Equates Trump’s FBI Criticism To Potential ‘Incitement’

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) drew a direct line between former President Donald Trump’s criticism of the FBI and potential “incitement.” The congresswoman equated the former president’s response to the raid of his home to extremism.

On CNN’s “Newsroom,” Lofgren noted that Trump told the audience at his Saturday rally in Pennsylvania that the “FBI and Justice Department have become vicious scoundrels.”

This, of course, came after his home was raided and even the belongings of his wife and teenage son were searched by the FBI.

CNN host Jim Acosta asked Lofgren for her response to the former president calling current President Joe Biden “an enemy of the state.” The congresswoman ran with the question, noting that Biden warned Americans about extremism in his Thursday speech in Philadelphia.

She also called it “bizarre” that Trump would make such a statement and further stated that the former president was proving Biden to be correct about “MAGA Republicans.”

Trump, of course, has called for the temperature in the current political climate to be lowered and for more level heads to step forward. For the record, what has Biden done to accomplish that?

Recently he smeared all Trump supporters, who he now labels as “MAGA Republicans,” as “semi-fascists.”

Then Biden moved on to a Pennsylvania speech in which he claimed to be attempting to “unite” the country and “heal the soul” of the nation. What he said, however, was anything but healing.

He began with painting the former president and his supporters as outside of the democratic mainstream of the country. Swaying quickly from topics including the history of the presidency and the relationship with Congress and the people, Biden took several swipes at his political opponents.

Backlit with a bizarre red lighting and uniformed Marines, the president warned of the “extremist” nature of the Republican Party. Not once did he extend an olive branch to find middle ground and “unite” the nation.

When even the Washington Post said the speech “fell short” and was “demeaning” to “conservatives of goodwill,” there definitely was an issue. For Lofgren to call the president’s defensive comments “inciteful” shows the level of tone deafness rampant in the Democratic Party.