Democratic Congressional Candidate Deletes Evidence Of Defund Police Rant He Gave Under Fake Name

New Mexico congressional candidate Gabe Vasquez (D) recently deleted evidence that he concealed his identity behind a mask and fake name while delivering impassioned anti-police comments.

The interview occurred when Vasquez was asked for comment by a local reporter in Las Cruces during a George Floyd protest in June 2020. Vasquez reportedly said that his name was “James Hall,” and in the footage, Vasquez can be seen wearing a hat, mask, and sunglasses to conceal his face.

“We need serious police reform in this country,” stated Vasquez in the interview. “It’s not just about defunding police — it’s about defunding a system that privileges white people over everyone else.”

A Las Cruces city official, who attended the protest, confirmed that it was Vasquez who made the comments. Vasquez also tweeted from the event on that day, advocating for Black Lives Matter.

In addition, he posted a photo of himself six months later wearing the same distinct neck gaiter as the man in the interview. The gaiter is made by a small New Mexico company called Where the River Runs. Vasquez, who describes himself as an “avid angler,” has talked about fish trips with Where the River Runs founder Gregg Flores on his podcast.

Now, as Vasquez gears up to run for Congress, the posts have disappeared, suggesting that he would like to distance himself from his remarks regarding the defunding of police.

Vasquez faces Rep. Yvette Herrel (R) for a seat in New Mexico’s Second District.