Democrat ‘Hypocrisy On Full Display’ In California Recall Election

As next week’s recall election draws near, California Governor Gavin Newsom has been calling out the “star power,” such as it is, of the Democratic Party. Kamala Harris is on the way for another round, and President Joe Biden is now expected to show up as well.

Last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) rallied for Newsom, leading to criticism but mostly ridiculing the hapless Democratic message.

Newsom’s main rival among the long slate of replacement candidates is conservative radio host Larry Elder, a black man who grew up in tough neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles. Popular media figure and podcast host Dave Rubin appeared at a campaign rally for Elder on Labor Day. In a tweet, many of the attendees were confused why a “millionaire fake American Indian” from Massachusetts is opposed to a black Californian in the recall election.

Warren referred to Elder over the weekend as “California’s own Donald Trump,” apparently thinking that slogan is a strong selling point among Californians wary of COVID restrictions, a struggling economy, homelessness running rampant through cities across the state, and increasing crime.

Warren considered her audience to be, and she told them they should be “terrified” of the Elder. Over the last few weeks, the L.A. Times has repeatedly referred to Elder as the “black face of white supremacy.”

Kamala Harris campaign further alongside Newsom on Wednesday in the Bay Area, and Joe Biden is expected to travel to California early next week on the eve of the election. Meanwhile, Elder says he isn’t concerned about all the Democratic firepower being called in for Newsom.

Elder said this week that Californians are hurting and “couldn’t care less” about what Harris or Biden are saying. He added that voters know they shouldn’t have to trade a “gallon of milk for a gallon of gas.”

Recent polling data shows support for Newsom trending upward, with 53 percent in favor of keeping the governor rather than recalling him. Among the recall candidates who would take Newsom’s place if he is recalled, Elder leads the second-place candidate by 14 percent.