‘Defunding The Police Encircles The Democratic Party!’ Democrat Leader On MSNBC

The Democrat Party has blasted its Marxist rhetoric and support for Black Lives Matter for the past year and a half. Many Democratic leaders have insisted on “Defunding The Police.” Still, James Clyburn, a Democratic member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina, has been highly critical of “sloganeering” used by progressive Democrats. He followed this by making a statement about voter id, “bringing a utility bill is the innovation we need.” Isn’t that backward innovation?

Voter laws are put in place to protect the voting process. Just because someone shows up to a polling location with a piece of paper with a name on it doesn’t mean that the information is accurate. When voting regulations are not enforced, fraud can occur in a variety of ways. S1 is the “For The People Act,” which limits, among other things, the removal of voters from voter records. The fascinating part about this is that the 2020 election demonstrated how simple it is to cast a bogus ballot. With many deceased individuals staying on voter rolls, it would seem that this bill would loosen the regulatory process of our elections. When purchasing a firearm, you must show identification, so why should voting be any different?

Now, defunding the police is what Americans would be like driving a vehicle on the wrong side of the road expecting not to crash. In all instances where the police have been defunded, chaos has ensued. New York is an excellent example. The results of the mayoral primaries speak for themselves. Eric Adams defeated Kathryn Garcia in the Democratic primary. Adams argued against the “Defund the Police” movement during his campaign trail, proving that Democrat leaders are very out of touch with the communities they represent. Adams is a New York City native that understands the culture of the city. As a former Police Officer himself, Adams put forward firm public safety promises and wants to better the Police Department rather than defund it. That will ultimately make New York City a much safer place to live and visit.

If we take a look back at 2020, where crime in the streets became an everyday norm, citizens knew that there was a real possibility that they would have to defend themselves. Firearm sales skyrocketed to 40 million, while January 2021 produced over 4.1 million. That marks the most significant gun sales in 1 month since 1998, when the numbers started to be recorded. There is no way America believes that Republicans AND Democrats do not make purchases regarding firearms purchases. Every individual in this country believes in personal safety, and most believe in the right to bear arms.

The events of 2020 appear to have revealed who is out of touch with ordinary Americans in the United States. Regardless of party, it’s essential to move forward with policies that will give equal protection and equal rights for all. Though it seems some of Clyburn’s views are off track, he is mainly fighting for the people he represents. In instances where Republicans can stand beside Democrats with something they both equally believe in, it must be championed. Politics are moving further from left vs. right and closer to the right vs. wrong.