De Blasio Wants Companies To Require Employees To Be Vaccinated

If it were up to De Blasio, New York City would now have a vaccine mandate. The Governor of New York City urged the businesses to impose a vaccine mandate to ensure maximum vaccination rate and to prevent the rising positivity rates.

During an interview with CNN, White House press secretary Jen Psaki hinted that the White House has no jurisdiction to impose a vaccine-related mandate, as it is the discretion of the American people whether or not they choose to get vaccinated. She continued that it falls upon the private sector and local institutes to make their mandates regarding the vaccine, which they see fit their requirements. These words, Jen Psaki, counter the door-to-door vaccination drive initiated by Biden in some states of America. Following the statement made by Jen Psaki, De Blasio declared that it now falls upon the private sector and the business to make it mandatory for their employees to get vaccinated.


De Blasio’s urgency of imposing a mandate is based on the viewpoint that only 65% of the New York City residents are vaccinated by police officers, firefighters, and even some healthcare workers who have not yet received their jabs. The country-wide mayors are also flustered with the rising burden upon the health care sector due to the rising Covid positivity numbers with massive hospitalization. Mandating vaccination may be a good idea to handle the state of emergency, but it just won’t work out. The way De Blasio portrays it is that the people need to be vaccinated to have their freedom. However, many people cannot understand that not getting vaccinated is a life-and-death scenario. It is only practical for such people to start wearing masks, ensure social distance and get regular Covid testing if they do not plan on getting vaccinated to ensure the safety of others around them.

America is currently facing the Delta variant of the Covid-19, and according to radicals like De Blasio, the vaccine mandate is the way forward. But is it the way, or is it just another way for him to restrict people’s lives? Many people are back at their jobs, leading an everyday life and practicing SOPs to retain their freedom. Still, it seems that Biden’s door-to-door vaccination drive and now De Blasio’s vaccine mandate plan is aimed at restricting the release of the citizens of America. Perhaps if they did a better job controlling the pandemic, the situation would not have come to this.