DC Mayor Pleads for Assistance In Migrant ‘Crisis’

Mayor Muriel Bowser once again is begging for help from the National Guard to deal with a “crisis” of migrant arrivals in Washington, D.C. In a Thursday letter delivered to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, she repeated her plea and gave more details of why the assistance is needed.

The first request on July 19 was rejected by the administration on August 5. In response, officials said the move would “negatively impact the readiness” of the D.C. National Guard as well as have detrimental effects on the group and its members.

This time she provided more data to back up her claims that she is trying to “prevent a prolonged humanitarian crisis” in Washington.

Bowser’s new formal request comes in response to what she said is a “critical” deluge of migrants being shipped to the district from Texas and Arizona. There are also migrants arriving on buses in New York City from these states, but Mayor Eric Adams said he does not need help.

Amazingly, the Washington mayor said she is asking President Joe Biden to grant the border crossers special privileges such as those afforded to war refugees.

Citing systems set up to aid asylum seekers from Ukraine and Afghanistan, Bowser said she is “encouraging the federal government” to assist the new arrivals in similar ways.

The plea for help asked that 150 National Guard members be dispatched to the nation’s capital by Monday. Bowser said she needs their assistance for “logistical support” for at least 90 days, though she admits most migrants stay in the city for only 72 hours.

They are quickly moving on to their final destination, she said.

The Department of Defense responded that they are taking the matter seriously and mulling over request number two. Still, the urgency that the nation’s capital feels in dealing with the “crisis” pales quickly compared to what residents of Texas and Arizona see every single day.

If it’s a crisis in Washington, where a few thousand migrants have now arrived, how much more of a crisis is it on the nation’s southern border? Nearly two million illegal migrants, easily a new record under Biden or anyone else, have crossed in under a year. That’s a “humanitarian crisis.”